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Beyond the mortal planes of existence, angels guide the recently departed to the upper regions of the heavens. They do this by making use of enormous realms that they’ve constructed, which ferry newly arrived spirits along their way.

Every so often, however, those grand systems experience a few problems. On this particular occasion, a traveling spirit finds itself stuck in the cosmic works. It wakes up within a stream of souls, unable to move or remember anything from its past life. Fortunately, an angel named Nadhi soon finds it, and decides to escort the spirit to the next realm herself.

The story of Circles centers around the pair’s journey from there on. Their destination is a floating tower in Nadhi’s personal realm, where souls are ported to the highest echelons of the afterworld. As they make the trek, the spirit engages in conversation with Nadhi, coming to learn more about her, the heavens, and a few of the more esoteric secrets of reality.

But most importantly for the spirit, it also gradually begins to recall its own previous life along the way, who it was, and the series of events that eventually led to its death.

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The SpiritA newly arrived spirit that’s just awakened in a lower realm of the after world, finding itself unable to move onward. The story is told from the spirit’s point of view.





The angel that travels along with the spirit. A friendly and compassionate being, but one that still enjoys poking some fun at whatever, or whomever, she can.


Nadhi’s small familiar who assists with her tasks.


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